Unreal Engine 4 Super Mario Sunshine – Tech Demo


Unreal Engine 4 Super Mario Sunshine is a beautiful looking new fan made creation that allows players to explore Delfino Square and the surrounding area from one of Mario’s most often overlooked outings.

Unreal Engine 4 Super Mario Sunshine is being created by cryZENx, a hugely talented developer who seems to be making it his life’s work to add a fresh lick of Unreal Engine-powered paint to Nintendo’s classic franchises. He’s already tackled Zelda, Donkey Kong, Luigi’s Mansion, Pokemon and many more, and his latest take on Super Mario Sunshine is a particular highlight.

In the current tech demo you can run, jump, wall jump, triple jump and water/jet pack your way around a large section of the super cheerful Delfino Island. Much like cryZENx’s other releases it’s very much a Tech Demo, so there are no objectives or interactable objects, but it’s a joy returning to the super happy world of Mario, playing around with Mario’s F.L.U.D.D water pack and exploring the island.

If there’s one Mario game that’s crying out for a remake/re-release then it’s the often forgotten Super Mario Sunshine. Hopefully It’s one of the surprises Nintendo has in store for the Switch, but until then you can get your fix from cryZENx’s glorious creation!

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Download Unreal Engine 4 Super Mario Sunshine Here – Download Link Is In The Video Description Along With Three Other Very Cool Tech Demos