Unreal Engine 4 – Tech Demos

Unreal Engine 4

Five Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demos have been released that show off the new engine in all its glory.

Effects cave is the most visually impressive, full of fire, water and particle effects, but all of the demos are rather pretty and showcase the engine well.

Shooter Game isn’t the most visually striking but it’s is the only one to offer real gameplay, with the ability to play online multiplayer deathmatches or against bots in an Unreal Tournament style FPS.  Does this mean Epic are working on a new Unreal Tournament game?  We can only hope! (But probably not).

As these are Tech Demos there is no menu for the visual options, simply edit the settings in the batch file (e.g. ResolutionSizeX=1920; ResolutionSizeY=1080).  Also Alt + Enter can be used to switch to full screen.

Download all 5 Tech Demos HERE