Unreal Engine 4 Zelda – Tech Demo


Unreal Engine 4 Zelda is an incredible fan project by cryZENx, that recreates various scenes across the Zelda series using the power of Unreal Engine 4.

The scenes that you can play are very much tech demos, so there’s not much in the way of gameplay, but visually it’s incredible. The scenes available in the current build include a battle with dark link, a pot smashing minigame, the opening scene from Majoras Mask, The Great Fairy’s temple, the temple of time, a section of A Link To The Past, and two beautifully rendered versions of the Zora Domain (Ice & Normal).

It’s clear the amount of hard work and passion cryZENx has poured into this project, with multiple Link character models, authentic audio and some jaw droppingly good visual design (especially in the Zora Domain). All the time you’re playing the Tech Demo, you can’t help but imagine how good it would be if Nintendo really did remaster the Zelda games as lavishly as this. Maybe someday….

Important Note: The download link only allows for a set amount of downloads per day, so if it’s inaccessible, try again tomorrow. The download also includes Donkey Kong 64 and Sonic Chao Garden Tech Demos to play around with.

Check Out a Full Gameplay Video Here

Download The Unreal Engine 4 Zelda Tech Demo Here (Link is In The Video Description)

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