Unreal Tournament 4 – Pre-alpha Download

Unreal Tournament 4

Unreal Tournament 4 is the fifth main game in the Unreal Tournament series, powered by the new, powerful Unreal Engine 4.  It’s a competitive, fast-paced online arena first person shooter with beefy weapons, cool abilities, and great map designs.

The game is being made by a small team of Unreal Tournament veterans, with any developer who has a licensed Unreal Engine 4 able to help.  The developement of the game is completely public, and when the game launches it’s going to be free, not ‘free to play’ but completely FREE.

Builds are updated more than once a week so check back regularly to follow it’s development.  The servers are limited at the moment, and as you can imagine they’re pretty packed, so if you can’t access a game now just try again later.  Happy Fragging!

Watch a Gameplay video HERE

Download the Pre-alpha HERE

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