UNSIGHTED is a beautifully animated top-down action RPG adventure where an android fights to save the consciousness of her robotic brethren.

The story of UNSIGHTED takes place in a war ravaged city called Arcadia, that’s been the center of a long running war between humans and androids. The few robots that remain are now running out of the energy that gives them consciousness (called Anima). If a robot runs out of Anima then they become UNSIGHTED, turning into automated monstrosities that will attack sentient androids on sight. You need to make your way through Arcadia and save your friends from this fate.

The gameplay is a little like Hyper Light Drifter, with you exploring and fighting your way through a beautiful pixel art world. You can equip different melee and ranged weapons (with you able to have two equipped at a time), you can use chip implants to upgrade your stats and you can even find friends to fight by your side.

The world of UNSIGHTED is large, open and packed full of detail. The enemies within it offer a nice challenge for your fighting skills and there’s a metroidvania element to the progression, with you using new equipment to unlock new pathways and short-cuts.

It’s an impressive game with very high quality pixel art animation, interesting characters, an intriguing story and engaging combat. There’s lots to discover in the ruins of Arcadia and your enemies put up a good fight.

Download The UNSIGHTED Beta Demo Here (Steam)