Unspoken Chronicles: Nora – Kickstarter Demo

Unspoken Chronicles: Nora is a challenging and beautifully animated puzzle platforming adventure that sees you taking on the role of a young Norse girl who must prove her valor and earn a place in Valhalla.

In Unspoken Chronicles: Nora you control Nora, a cowardly young Viking girl who ends up on a raid that goes wrong. She swiftly dies and is sent on a mission to defeat the guardians of the nine realms, thus proving her valor and earning her a place in Valhalla. The Kickstarter demo takes around 20 minutes to playthrough and tells the take of the fateful day Nora died on the raid.

Gameplay-wise Unspoken Chronicles: Nora is most reminiscent of the Rayman Origins/Legends games, with a fun blend of fast paced high stakes action platforming and an occasional puzzle section thrown into the mix. Nora is no fighter, but she is pretty agile, with her able to run, jump, double jump, slide and use spears as she runs for her life from assorted deadly hazards.

The Kickstarter build isn’t perfect – loading screens between deaths are a little long and the there is a puzzle section with boxes and pulley systems that can be a little confusing. The fantastic artwork, lighthearted Norse narrative and action packed gameplay more than make up for any shortcomings though. A great little action platforming romp well worth embarking on.

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