Unsung Warriors: Prologue – Beta Demo

Unsung Warriors: Prologue is a fun medieval fantasy 2D action platforming adventure that sees you battling your way through a crypt full of traps, monsters and secrets.

Playable in single player or local co-op, Unsung Warriors sees you using platforming skills and magic, ranged and melee combat to make your way through a deadly crypt. The current demo build features around 30 minutes of gameplay and really impresses with its high quality artwork, fun level design and challenging action platforming gameplay.

The combat system is a particular standout in Unsung Warriors. Initially your moves and weaponry is pretty limited, forcing you to use your shield to block attacks then strike when your enemies are vulnerable. As you progress you unlock new abilities, spells and more powerful weapons though – allowing you dodge and chain together different types of attacks to do some serious damage.

Even in its current form Unsung Warriors: Prologue is a very polished experience that delivers an easily accessible, but suitably challenging, secret-filled action platforming adventure. It’s a joy exploring the crypt and the combat is far more engaging than most action platformers. A slick and stylish medieval fantasy crypt well worth raiding.

Download The Unsung Warriors: Prologue Beta Demo Here (Windows)