Untarctica – Alpha Demo

Untarctica is a fast-paced non-linear action platforming adventure where you run, jump and shoot your way through a secret Sci-Fi lab, battling bosses and collecting cool new power-ups along the way.

In Untarctica you control a nimble little hero with a big gun who is on a mission to stop an evil cyborg from melting the ice caps of Antarctica with a heat factory. The current build features one large level to explore, complete with one useful upgrade to unlock and four hidden collectibles. The gameplay is fast paced and fun, with your character being satisfyingly nimble, with some cool little tricks up her sleeve, such as being able to shoot behind her while running away from an enemy or a nifty triple shot that propels you through the air.

It’s shaping up to be a great game with a nice mixture of precision platforming, exploration and combat. The level design is particularly impressive, with the firepower upgrade you unlock dramatically altering how you make your way through the level. A very promising start for this ice cap saving adventure.

Download Untarctica Alpha Demo Here (Windows)