Untethered – Game Jam Build Download


Untethered a pipe puzzler made for the LibGDXJam, has you floating through space, collecting resources and trying to survive.

Your spaceship was flying towards a field of asteroids. You knew this would cause your ship to explode, so you decided to leave it, untethered to anything, as it crashed. Now you are trapped in a maze of asteroids, slowly losing all of your needed resources. Oxygen is needed to breathe, so if you run out of that you will die. De-mister is needed to clean your visor so that you can see what is going on – without it your visor will fog up slowly. Plutonium powers your scanner, if you have it you can see more of the field. Lastly, pipe cleaner keeps the pipes clean so that you can get more out of your resources.

As you move around the maze, your resources will deplete, so you will need to run into more resources to restock. At first, it it pretty easy, just lining up the “in” pipe to the “out” pipe. As you get deeper into the maze of asteroids, more “in” and “out” pipes need to be linked together. Soon, all of the pipes will need to be moved to the right place before you can get your desired resource. If you mess up or take too long, you will lose some of that resource, so be fast.  Can you collect your resources and stay alive in the maze of space?

Download Untethered Here (Win, Linux, Mac, & Android)