Until I Have You – Beta Demo


Until I Have You is a super tough story driven, retro cyberpunk action platformer that plays unlike anything you’ve tried before.

This is a platform game played entirely with the mouse, making even the simplest jump seem like a herculean feat. The basic controls are fairly simple, LMB attacks, RMB Jumps and clicking the Mouse wheel changes weapons. Where things get tricky are the movement control – the further you move the mouse to the left the faster you’ll run in that direction, similarly for the right. This can take some time to master, and it’s recommended to turn your mouse sensitivity down a little if you find it too punishing.

As well as the strange control scheme, Until I Met You boasts glorious pixel art animation and game design from the developer of Primordia, as well as a dark and compelling storyline from creator of Donald Dowell. You’ll die a lot in this odd pixel art platformer, but stick with it and you’ll be pleasantly surprised, and you’ll master a new skill set!

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Download the Beta Demo HERE