Until Tomorrow – Game Jam Build

Until Tomorrow Game

Until Tomorrow, an quirky little adventure game made for the Ludum Dare 38, has you setting out out on the path your father took, exploring the mysterious world behind the wall that surrounds your village.

Until Tomorrow is a very different adventure story. You are a young adventurer, who is not strong enough to go out behind the wall of your village. There is plenty to explore inside the wall, most days are the same, however, you can explore the local library, your mom’s house, the farmer’s home and the smith’s home. In exploring, you can learn quite a bit about the world around you.

You can also talk to the wise men of the town – some call him crazy but you can find some interesting bits of information from what he says. With all of this information on the world around you, you can try to sneak out beyond the wall, like your father did. Beyond the wall there are puzzles to solve and some rather hapless adventurers to encounter that obstruct your way – but you’re far more intelligent and so will surely outsmart them, complete your adventure and be back with your loved one in no time!

Note: There are some hidden messages to decipher that uncover some of the true meaning behind the game. You’ll find some hints here (spoilers)

Play Until Tomorrow Here (Browser)