Until We Die – Beta Demo

Until We Die is a Kingdom-esque side-scrolling survival strategy game where you attempt to build and defend a base in the subways of a mutant infested city.

Playing similarly to Kingdom, but in a Metro-esque post-apocalyptic setting, Until We Die sees you managing a team as they try to survive in a subway system that’s overrun with mutants. You start the game with a handful of workers that follow you and you can issue orders to, making them harvest resources, build structures, fight mutants and operate machinery.

As your base expands you construct defenses and structures that give you access to better technology and training for your recruits. You need to scavenge and build as much as you can during the day time, as during the night the mutants will attack, and if they overrun your base and get to your main generator then it’s game over. Your character does have a gun, but it’s not particularly powerful, so building defensive barriers and manning them with soldiers is vital.

It’s not as easily accessible as the Kingdom games but Until We Die does have a lot of potential. The 2D graphics are beautiful, the monsters are freaky and there’s a nice amount of depth to the real-time strategy gameplay. There are some pretty freaky looking monsters lurking in that subway. See if you can survive them!

Download The Until We Die Beta Demo Here (Steam)