Unusual Findings – Beta Demo

Unusual Findings is a Stranger Things inspired point and click adventure that follows three teenage boys in the 80’s as they unravel a mystery involving a murderous alien.

In Unusual Findings you follow the adventure of Vinny, Nick and Tony – three teenage boys who end up picking up an alien distress signal while trying to decrypt a pay-per-view adult TV channel. The game takes place in the 80’s and sees the boys setting out on an adventure that takes some dark twists as the alien appears to be less than friendly. With a little help from some friends, perhaps they’ll be able to get to the bottom of it all, and perhaps they’ll even get that Adult pay-per-view-channel working!

Unusual Findings plays much like a traditional Lucasarts point and click adventure (though without the SCUMM interface), with you finding and combining items to solve puzzles. The dialogue decisions you make along the way will matter though, and will dramatically affect your friendships, locations you visit and the story (you don’t really get to see much of that in the demo though).

Taking around 15 minutes to play through, the Unusual Findings demo is a lot of fun and it’s packed full of 80’s goodness. Games that play off 80’s nostalgia are nothing new, but Unusual Findings does it well, with great voice acting, an excellent soundtrack and lots of great gags. There are some real laugh out loud moments (such as Nick’s hilarious attempt to make himself seem bigger to scare off wolves) and all three of the main characters are very endearing. Highly recommended.

Download The Unusual Findings Beta Demo Here (Steam)