Upperz – Alpha Download

Upperz Game Download

Upperz is a challenging physics based platformer in which you attempt to climb as high as you can up a tower made up of blocks that shatter every time you jump off them.

The gameplay in Upperz is simple but addictive, with you attempting to climb as high up a randomly generated tower as possible. Your avatar is pretty agile but you have to be quite careful to plan your movement as the majority of the blocks you land on will shatter and fall when you jump off them.

There are other objects such as a flying bus that can aid your progress up the tower, but there are also non-destructible blocks littered around the tower that can really get you in trouble – repelling you at high speeds and locking your controls for a few seconds. It makes for a pretty challenging platforming experience, especially as if you do fall down then you’ll have destroyed most the blocks you used for your path up already. A fun game with plenty of ups, downs and block smashing carnage!

Note: You can jump out the side of the screen to quickly restart

Download The Upperz Alpha Here (Windows)