Urskog – Prototype Download

Urskog is a beautiful and wonderfully chilled out first person adventure where you place objects, discover secrets and solve puzzles in a tranquil forest.

In Urskog you find yourself in a mysterious forest that surrounds a giant (Deku-esque) tree. To climb your way to the top of the tree you’ll have to activate four glowing orbs, and to find the orbs you need to do a little exploring, platforming and puzzle solving. You can carry certain objects (Such as logs and stones) and place them to aid your progress, and you can even meditate to find a little guidance if you’re stuck.

Taking around 30 minutes to play through, it’s a cleverly crafted little puzzle adventure that’s full of inventive puzzle design and interesting surprises. The vibrant woodland is a very pleasant place to spend time in and you never get too stressed when you’re struggling to solve a puzzle – it just means that you get to spend a little more time there!

Download The Urskog Prototype Here (Windows)