Usurper – Alpha Demo

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Usurper is a fantastic new action RPG metroidvania inspired by Symphony of the Night, Super Metroid and Dark Souls, in which you explore an alternate version of 1898 London using powers bestowed upon you by a symbiotic spirit to hack, slash and shoot your way through all manner of deadly horrors.

Usurper is the sequel to Shrouded in Sanity (although no previous knowledge of the series is necessary), in which you play a knight who is brought back to life by a spirit who needs to use your body. You both seem to have the same goal (although it may be for different purposes) – which is to challenge the navigator of a massive outer worldly citadel that has landed in your city, so you form a partnership and set forth into the maddening fog.

The Alpha Demo offers up a sizeable chunk of gameplay that’s packed full of excellent pixel art animation, secrets, cool loot, challenging gameplay, cleverly designed monsters and tactical Dark Souls-ian combat. It’s great fun exploring the citadel, unearthing it’s dark secrets and figuring out techniques to defeat the monsters that inhabit it. Much like in Dark Souls, enemies will kick your ass the first time you encounter them, but you learn with each death. As you progress you’ll be able to collect Vitae (a Souls equivalent) to level up your character and you’ll also discover a wide variety of weaponry, from whips to cannons, that allow you to tailor your character to your play style.

It may still be early in development, but Usurper is already a must play if you even have a passing interest in metroidvanias or Dark Souls-style games. An awesome soulsvania that we highly recommend checking out.

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Download The Usurper Alpha Demo Here (Windows)