Utomah – Student Project Download

Utomah Game Download

Utomah is a beautiful and challenging action platforming adventure in which you use your grappling hook and dash attack to make your way through a charcoal sketch-styled world, full of deadly hazards and challenging boss fights.

There’s a sinister Tim Burton-esque atmosphere about the game world in Utomah, packed full of quirky character design and beautiful, but creepy artwork that can make for an eerie and unsettling experience. The gameplay is excellent too, offering a fun blend of combat, platforming and puzzles – especially the big boss fights that require you to learn attack patterns and target weak spots.

It’s a tough game, but not unfairly so and the animation, artwork and gameplay are delightful throughout, and the production values and level of polish is incredible. A creepy and challenging action platforming adventure we highly recommend checking out.

Download Utomah Here (Windows)

2 thoughts on “Utomah – Student Project Download”

  1. Hey Matt here from the Utomah team. Just want to point out that there was a problem with the submission of the download page and as such the names of all of the talented people who worked on this game where not posted displaying.

    Utomah was developed by 11 students across many disciplines, not just 1.

    Full credits:
    Matthew Oakes
    Co-Producer / Graphics Programmer

    Ethan Tal
    Co-Producer / Gameplay Programmer / UI Designer

    Will Podpechan
    Art Lead / Tech Artist

    Caleb Klomparens
    Audio Director / Tools

    Jake Mathern
    Physics / Editor programmer

    Aaron Kitchen
    Core / Graphics / Tools programmer

    Miles Marchant
    Core Programmer / Build Master

    Nathaniel Hinton
    Environment Artist

    Tristan Begin
    Game Director / Designer / Gameplay Programmer

    Michael Alex Schabbing

    Christopher Onorati
    Level Designer

    • Hi Matthew! Thanks for the heads up about the rest of the team! Was wondering how one person had managed to make such a highly polished game! Great work everybody! Will update the article. :)

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