Utopia Syndrome: Wake Up – Alpha Demo

Utopia Syndrome: Wake Up is a Sci-Fi horror adventure game set within a post-apocalyptic world where people survive underground in fear of a terrible evil.

Wake Up is the first installment of a planned series of games set in the post-apocalyptic world of Utopia Syndrome. The demo build takes around 30 minutes to play and follows a man with a bandaged face, who awakens with no memory within a makeshift prison cell. You must now explore your surroundings, piece together clues as to what’s going on and find some means of escape.

The gameplay in Utopia Syndrome: Wake Up is similar to a traditional point and click adventure, but you can move the camera to fully explore the detailed 3D environment (or you can switch to a third person view). Puzzles are generally solved by combining the relative items and there’s also a lot of lore hidden within the various objects you find.

Your character is perhaps a little too chatty at times as he has something to say about pretty much everything he finds and it slows down the gameplay. Other then that though, it’s a very impressive game with a highly detailed environment, great voice acting, an intuitive UI and a very intriguing lore. There’s not that much horror in the demo build, but the couple of glimpses of a monster that you get make you think that perhaps you’re best off staying in that cell!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Utopia Syndrome Alpha Demo Here