V.A Proxy – Alpha Demo

V.A Proxy is a metal and rust-filled open world action game set in a vast megastructure that’s rotting from the inside out.

In V.A Proxy you are a robot who awakens in a gigantic megastructure where robots have been fighting in an everlasting war. After getting a quick repair from a flying roid, you promptly set out into the world to break the stalemate.

At the moment V.A Proxy is very rough around the edges and quite user unfriendly. It can be hard to figure out where you’re going, the combat lacks finesse, and the opening section of the game up until you reach the first beacon is a little dull and frustrating. However, these rough edges can be ironed out and the game does have a lot of potential.

The world design and the enemy design are particularly impressive. It’s a baffling place to explore, but it’s also one of the most interesting ones you’ll encounter. The megastructure has an ecosystem of machines that roam around and fight with each other. There are some truly massive machines and their physics-based movement and divergent appearances make you really feel like they are mechanical forms of life that have evolved in the megastructure.

It’s a frustrating but fascinating experience that lacks a lot of polish, but makes up for it with its incredible worldbuilding. A place where wherever you go, you’re sure to stumble across something interesting.

Download The V.A Proxy Alpha Demo Here (Steam)

Special thanks to LibbyAirspinner for the heads-up about this game!