V.H.S. (Video Horror Story) – Game Jam Build Download

VHS Video Horror Story

V.H.S. (Video Horror Story) is a very creepy first person horror game in which you adjust the tracking on the video feed to allow you to see hidden objects – such as obstacles and freaky big mouthed monsters!

We’re (sadly) well aware that VHS is a long dead media so some people may not know what tracking is, but back in the pre-DVD era we had to tune in VHS video players to the correct frequency to remove the lines of static and get a clear (but still very fuzzy) picture. V.H.S. (Video Horror Story) places you inside a VHS horror movie and allows you to adjust the tracking to different frequencies to allow you to see things that would otherwise be hidden (and things that you’d rather stayed hidden!)

Your simple goal in V.H.S. (Video Horror Story) is to escape from the strange building you’re trapped in alive, To do this you’ll need to tune in the VHS tracking to the correct frequency to see the objects that are blocking your path, BUT there are also monsters that are roaming the halls that are only visible on another frequency. This means that you have to swap between the two frequencies as you attempt to figure out your surroundings and avoid being monster food.

It’s a short and intense experience with very creepy monsters, clever use of dual realities and an authentic feeling video nasty aesthetic. A tense and terrifying VHS horror well worth tuning in for!

Check Out a V.H.S. (Video Horror Story) Gameplay Video Here

Download The Original Global Game Jam Version Here (Windows)

Download The Post Jam Version Here (Windows)

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  1. I made a game play video if you guys wanna check it out <3

    Notes to Dev: This game is incredible from the start, the mood is very eerie. There are multiple different frequencies to change from however, it seems that there are only 2 different main settings to be on, one where you see the monster and one where you see the objects. Is there a limit to how far the monster will travel after you? I'm not sure if this is a feature I enjoy being that you have to get around them some how or if they should follow you longer. Other than that, this game is seriously incredible and I love it so much! Please keep me and the community updated with any information about further development because this is a game I'm keeping my eyes on.

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