Vagabond – Alpha Download

Vagabond is a beautifully animated narrative-driven Sci-Fi adventure with RPG elements, that tells three interweaving stories set in a distant future where mankind has fled to the stars to rebuild and survive.

In Vagabond you’ll follow the stories of a convict trapped in a doomed orbital prison, a V-POL detective in pursuit of a masked killer and a young scientist who is looking to forge a new life for herself. The current build of the game features the first chapter of eight planned instalments and has a lot to get your head around, both in terms of narrative and gameplay. It’s a unique experience that combines platforming, turn based combat, RPG elements, puzzle solving and interactive dialogue/decision making where your choices can affect the storyline.

Vagabond isn’t perfect – it seems a little too text heavy at the moment and the timing-based combat system is a little hard to get to grips with. It shows a lot of promise though, with interesting characters, high quality pixel art animation and a very intriguing Sci-Fi story. A dark and mature Sci-Fi adventure with plenty to sink your teeth into.

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available

5 thoughts on “Vagabond – Alpha Download”

  1. I backed this game in kickstarter, it was called Wanderer by Red Cloack Games.
    It got funded but never delivered. Seems odd to see it here with a different name and also the link is broken.

    • Cris has disappeared from the internet, I helped Red Cloak with some graphics and development, the project got canceled and I asked Serge if I could continue it, play the red cloak version and my version, mine continues the story to the end of chapter 1, I was handed all source files and storyboards, I hope to be able to continue the development of what used to be Wanderer to completion, Serge also requested that if I continue this, Red Cloak has to be left out of the information as he has decided to disassociate himself with the project. I am the new dev of Vagabond(formerly Wanderer). If you have been the one removing the game from gamejolt then I request you to stop. (Im trying to speak as formally as I possibly can and my formal = mean sounding so sorry about that)

      • I think it is cool that you continue this work. I did not report or remove anything, I just pointed that the link was broken, and also that I backed the original title.
        I Would like to try your version.
        The best of luck continuing this project.

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