Valfaris – Pre-Alpha Demo

Valfaris blends heavy metal, gore and Contra style side scrolling action platforming as you slice and shoot your way through a beautifully horrific Giger-esque biomechanical world.

Currently in development by Andrew Gilmour, creator of Slain: Back From Hell, Valfaris has a similar heavy metal side-scrolling action platforming theme as Slain, but with a Sci-Fi setting and more of a focus on shooting. It plays a lot like Konami’s classic Contra games, but with wonderfully gory visuals, a handy shield and the ability to carry multiple upgradeable weapons and a badass plasma sword.

The current Pre-Alpha demo build of Valfaris features around 25 minutes of gameplay and features lots of run n’ gun action, multiple mini-boss fights and a main boss to dispatch. Your selection of weaponry adds a nice amount of depth to the proceedings and the bosses all have old school attack patterns to learn and master.

Even in its current Pre-Alpha state Valfaris is a fantastic slice of side-scrolling arcade action platforming. It plays beautifully and looks fantastic with lots of biomechanical monstrosities to blast in its stylish H.R. Giger-esque world. Heavy metal action platforming fun, with plenty of style and buckets of gore. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here Valfaris

Download The Valfaris Pre-Alpha Demo Here