Valiance Online – Open Pre-Alpha

valiance online

Valiance Online is a super-powered massively multiplayer online game created by true fans of the genre, that aims to be a spiritual successor to the now defunct City of Heroes.

Valiance Online is a passion project being created by a team that has worked at Bethesda, Ubisoft, THQ, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Sony, Disney, Adult Swim, and even NASA among others.  The team have been busy creating a world full of limitless scientific advancements, immense magical power, and the unfettered potential of the human body and mind.  It’s up to you what you do in this world – become a hero and protect the innocent or a super-villain crushing any who stand in the way of your world domination, or you can be something in-between, there’s a broad spectrum of good and evil.

The team are creating a world steeped in over 200 years of lore that involves humanity defeating a mysterious villainous superhuman organisation known as Leviathan, rebuilding their cities and developing superpowers.  Still very early in development, it’s impressive what they’ve achieved so far, it’s clear the team care deeply for the project.  City of Heroes may be dead, but Valiance Online looks set to rekindle the fires of the superhero MMO.

UPDATE: Pre-Alpha No Longer Available