Valley Peaks – Beta Demo (Update)

Valley Peaks is a wonderfully chilled out first person free-climbing adventure where you attempt to install transmitters atop the peaks of a happy mountain paradise.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago, in Valley Peaks you are a lowly employee of a shady company that’s attempting to expand the reach of its radio antennas. You have been tasked with travelling to a local mountainous area and installing radio transmitters at the tops of the various peaks there. Apparently the transmitters are perfectly safe, but you can’t help but feel a little guilty as you install them, especially as the locals are so very welcoming.

After a short tutorial section Valley Peaks then opens up to allow you to freely roam its charming mountain paradise. You can chat to the local frog people, complete little side-quests and visit the vendor for some fancy new equipment. There’s lots to discover in it’s large open world, but the main attraction is the peaks…

The demo build of Valley Peaks features three peaks to climb and each one has an easy, moderate and hard route. The climbing mechanics are very easy to learn (you just point and click to grab onto a grabbable rock), allowing you to scale large peaks quickly, but things can get tricky on the harder routes and there are golden mushrooms to grab if you want even more of a challenge.

The overall content in the new build of Valley Peaks is similar to the last one, but there are lots of improvements and it’s a much more polished experience. It’s a real joy to spend some time in its mountainous paradise and when you feel like taking a break from climbing there’s always someone friendly to talk to. Highly recommended.

Download Valley Peaks Beta Demo Here (Steam)