Valley Peaks – Beta Demo

Valley Peaks is a charming free-climbing adventure where you scale the peaks of a whimsical mountainous landscape filled with friendly frogs.

In Valley Peaks you’ve been tasked with restoring the radio signals to a tranquil mountainous countryside. To do this you need to scale to the summit of the various peaks in the area and install radio towers there. However, the more you explore and chat to the locals, the more it becomes evident that perhaps they don’t need or want any radio towers there…

The climbing mechanics in Valley Peaks are simple, but satisfyingly challenging, with you able to aim and grab onto ledges with your left and right arm using the left and right mouse buttons. The different peaks are suited to different difficulty levels, with you starting off with simple straight climbs and graduating to jumping between gaps and navigating overhangs. You can also pull yourself up and jump, though you need to be careful when jumping – it can be a long way down if you miss a ledge!

Climbing is just part of the fun of Valley Peaks though, its whimsical world is packed full of fun little easter eggs to discover and over 80 froggy NPCs to chat to. There are also a couple of minigames, gadget upgrades and collectibles that you can use to purchase stat upgrades. It’s a delightful experience and the demo has plenty of content to keep you occupied for hours, so it’ll be interesting to see what more the devs are planning to cram into the full game. Highly recommended.

Download The Valley Peaks Beta Demo Here (Windows)