Vampire Hunters – Beta Demo

Vampire Hunters essentially answers the question “what would Vampire Survivors be like as an FPS?”.

In Vampire Hunters you start with one gun and must race down long tunnels into oncoming hordes of enemies. As you blast them you earn orbs which unlock upgrades, which end up filling your screen with a mass of spectacular looking weaponry. You’ll also earn gold which can be used to unlock permanent perks and new starting weapons.

At the moment the guns could do with some meatier Sound FX and there is a bit of an issue with balancing (it gets very easy once you’ve unlocked enough perks), but other than that it’s a very promising game. It’s very addictive and massing all the on-screen weaponry is very cool. It’s a game that answers the question “how many guns would you like?” with a simple “yes!”

Download The Vampire Hunters Beta Demo Here (Steam)