Vapor – Beta Download


Vapor is a virtual interpretation of Samsara, in which players will find themselves wandering through the cycle of reincarnation, through means of exploration and visual inference.

Seeking out the insignias that lead to new “worlds”, the game moves through phases in a dreamlike rendering of one’s life choices and what options and paths in life that were offered all along. It could be a chance for someone to reevaluate themselves, see what “could have been” or simply endure a walk of shame. Upon entering the game world, close attention to the in-game models will assist in imagining the path the player will take in the future. Depending on the direction the player takes, different portals lead to new states of consciousness as the spirit seeks to emerge anew.

When wandering light-washed planes of existence, landmarks bearing diverse characteristics and expressions invoke emotions and wonder through every fiber of being. The player is presented with simple movement options, using WASD to move and left mouse-clicking to launch a solid bridge from their entity in order to traverse this strange land. As many of the game models have no collision, the player will simply fall through them, forcing them to rely on skillfully-placed bridges and jumping to reach the portals.

This piece of virtual interactive art is an ever-evolving work that aims to offer more than just an abstract and macabre game world, but something that breaches the threshold between virtual world and real life. It’s easy to get lost in the music that washes over the mind like ethereal waves of voices from other realms of existence.

Similar to LSD: Dream Emulator, the player is dropped in worlds laced with intricacy, one after another, progressing further into a void saturated with uncertainty. The subconscious knowledge that the developer is holding the reigns of our experience completely dissolve, and we’re left with nothing but an alien environment, unfamiliarity, and our own thoughts to get through it all.

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Download or Play The Vapor Beta in a Unity Supported Browser HERE