Vapor World: Over The Mind – Alpha Demo

Vapor World: Over The Mind is a beautiful 2D Souls-like action RPG adventure with stunning hand drawn artwork and challenging parry-focused combat.

In Vapor World: Over The Mind you will step into a surreal world where the inhabitants are haunted by eternal nightmares. Your mind is part of a whole colossal mind world where you’ll fight trauma-inflicted monsters, search for the sources of the trauma and eliminate them.

The current build of Vapor World: Over The Mind doesn’t feature much in the way of narrative, but you will get to check out the parr-focused combat and some stunning hand drawn visuals. The combat is slow paced and tactical, similar to the Dark Souls games, but there’s no stamina bar and you really need to master parrying to battle some of the tougher enemies. The final boss in the demo is remarkably tough too, so you’ll need skill, timing and perseverance to beat him!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Vapor World: Over The Mind Alpha Demo Here (Steam)

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