Vaporized – Game Jam Build Download

Vaporized is a fun little point and click adventure where you find that your apartment is haunted by vaporwave.

Created for the Vaporjam, Vaporized is a short point and click adventure where you embrace the weirdness as vaporwave starts to engulf your apartment. It starts off fairly normally, with your character watching TV in their living room, but when they go through to the bathroom they’re greeted by a weird looking portal that gives a glimpse of a strange vaporwave world.

Your aim is to figure out what interactions to perform that will cause the vaporwave portal to expand and engulf your house. There’s no real reason why and there’s not a whole lot of logic to the puzzles, but it’s fun experimenting with the various objects and the way the vaporwave spreads across the apartment is very cool. It makes for a very odd, but enjoyable little game with fun little surprises and a quirky sense of humor. See if you can embrace the vaporwave!

Download Vaporized Here (Windows)