Var Z – Game Jam Build

Var Z is a fun, stylish and rather unsettling little action game where you attempt to guide a virus through a patient’s body to kill them.

Created for the Black and White Jam, in Var Z you take control of a little wriggly virus which has infected a patient’s body. You’re a particularly nasty virus, with symptoms that include a dry cough, a bleeding nose, nausea, headaches, an uncontrollable body twitch and even death. You’re trying to make your way to the heart, where you’ll do the most damage, but to get there you’ll need to pass some of the dody’s tricky defence systems.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, Var Z offers a nice challenge as you wriggle about your patient’s insides. The minimalist red and black pixel art visuals do a great job of creating a very yucky and organic feeling environment and the way that the body’s defenses don’t kill you, but knock you back is a novel touch. See if you can make your patient terminally ill!

Play Var Z Here (Browser)