VarchIan – Student Project Game

VarchIan is a light hearted Sci-Fi puzzle adventure where you help a janitorial robot rescue the last surviving human brain from a decaying space station.

In VarchIan you take control of a little janitorial robot who is attempting to transport the last surviving human brain to an escape pod in a derelict space station. Being a janitorial robot means that your skill set is limited to picking up and throwing garbage, but thankfully throwing garbage at switches it the perfect way to open and close the many doors that block your way.

The puzzles are fairly binary, with you mainly just required to open and close the correct doors to allow your progress, but they’re well designed and fun to work out. What’s more impressive about VarchIan is the high quality visual design and lighthearted sense of humor. It’s got a fun approach to the audio logs you find scattered around the station and the voiceover that narrates the story is very endearing.

There is an issue with the music volume which can drown out the narration at times (particularly near the ending), but other than that VarchIan is a very polished experience. It’s a great little sci-fi puzzle adventure with an interesting narrative, well designed puzzles and plenty of character. Highly recommended.

Note: It can be hard to hear the final words spoken in the game due to the music, but try and listen out for them – they shed new light on your little adventure!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download VarchIan Here (Windows)