Vardolind – Game Jam Build Download


Vardolind, a creepy low-rez horror game made for the Asylum Jam 2016, has you searching for you son in some creepy mines where you really can’t trust anything you see.

Recently, several people have disappeared from your town. Among these people is your son. There are rumors that a monster who is able to steal people’s appearances has taken the people and hidden in the old mines. You are going on a quest into these old mines to try and save your son, but you must be suspicious of everything you see.

As you explore the mines, you will hear and see things that are meant to trick you. Sounds of people calling out from the darkness, or even music. You might see what could be villagers, trapped just like your son in the mines. Their fate sits in your hands. You can decide to kill them – they may be the monster – or to free them and take them with you once you find your son. As you explore underground, there are also keys that are needed to open doors. They are fairly easy to find as long as you follow trails of blood.

Vardoblind has multiple endings depending on the decisions you make – so you may want to play it a few times to see how your actions affect the outcome. The mines of Vardoblind are a scary and deceptive place, but you must make it through to save your son!

Download Vardolind Here (Win Only)