Vecter – Beta Download

Vecter is a ridiculously cool and blisteringly fast retro synthwave wireframe survival racer where you attempt to stay alive and rack up the highest score to be the Top Dog on tracks that change every 24 hours.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was in Alpha last year, Vecter is a mesmerising survival racer that plays a little like Race the Sun, but with more of a focus on online leaderboards and an incredibly cool neon-filled synthwave wireframe visual style. You race along procedurally generated tracks and attempt to rack up as high a score by dodging hazards, collecting bonuses and surviving as long as possible. You can accelerate, brake, roll, boost and even shoot hazards (though shooting decreases your score), all accompanied by a thumping soundtrack and visuals that pulse like you’re inside a giant graphic equalizer.

After completing the training you are then able to take part in the two online leaderboard modes where you compete against the ghosts and the scores of other players that have raced that day. The two modes are Top Dog and Hardcore, with the main difference being that in Top Dog you can replenish shields by picking up power-ups, and in Hardcore you only get three shields for the whole race.

As you race you see other players’ ghosts racing by and the score at the top of the screen constantly updates your position on the online leaderboard. This always visible online leaderboard is a masterstroke that keeps you coming back for more and every 24 hours the track is changed and the leaderboard is reset, so there’s always a new track and a new leaderboard for you to conquer.

It’s a fantastic game and the new audio, visual and gameplay additions from the Alpha build really add to the experience. It’s a delight to see (and hear) in action and the online features really keep you coming back for just one more go. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Vecter Beta Here (Steam)