Vecter – Prototype Download

Vecter is a super fast paced high score chasing synthwave racing game with a catchy electronic soundtrack, challenging gameplay and gorgeous vector styled wireframe visuals.

In Vecter you control a futuristic anti-gravity racer as it hurtles down a vast neon-filled highway. In the horizon a graphic equaliser bounces around to the super cool synthwave soundtrack, but you may not have much time to admire it as you have to avoid the many deadly hazards that you are hurtling towards.

The Vecter prototype contains a selection of songs, a high score chasing endless race mode, an online leaderboard and ghosts of other drivers to race against. It’s extremely hard initially, but once you figure out where the useful power-ups are and where the trickiest obstacles are you can get a good bit down the highway. Points are awarded for distance, driving close to obstacles and smashing through yellow barriers.

The current build of Vecter is still early in development so is far from feature complete, but it’s already a lot of fun, the tunes are great and the wireframe visuals look fantastic. You’ll have a blast hurtling down that neon-filled highway. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Vecter Prototype Here (Windows)