Veil of Madness – Game Jam Build Download

Veil of Madness is a short eldritch horror dungeon crawler with puzzle elements, which sees you discovering dark secrets in a monster-filled mansion.

Created for the Dungeon Crawler Jam 2023, in Veil of Madness you can choose from one of four adventurers and venture into a mysterious mansion. As with traditional dungeon crawlers you can move forward, back, left and right, but you can also use the mouse to look around – which comes in handy for searching for clues and reading lore.

The combat in the current build of Veil of Madness is fairly basic but effective, with you using a gun or a crowbar to carry out ranged or melee attacks. It does feel like a short prototype for a larger game as the game ends just as you’re getting going (but in a clever way). It shows a lot of promise though as the mix of puzzles and dungeon crawling works well and the mansion environment is beautifully crafted.

Download The Veil of Madness Game Jam Build Here (Windows)