Velaster – Alpha Demo

Velaster is a 2.5D side-scrolling soulslike set in a world where angels, demons and humans used to coexist.

In Velaster you will journey through a world that has become corrupted by war between angels, demons and humans. The war has turned its inhabitants into grotesque monsters and you’ll need to fight them as you make for a distant castle in search of vengeance.

The core gameplay in Velaster is very much like a 2.5D Dark Souls game. You have heavy, light and special attacks as well as roll dodge, parry and block abilities. You can also stab your sword into walls to allow you to climb most vertical walls. As you progress you’ll also be able to collect new weapons and equipment, and you can level up and learn new skills too.

The current build of Velaster is still early in development so is missing a lot of visual polish and flair, but it’s off to a solid start. The combat feels good and the enemies put up a good fight. If the developers could instil it with a little more style and personality then it could be a great new addition to the soulslike genre.

Download The Velaster Alpha Demo Here (Steam)