Velo-City – Game Jam Build Download


Velo-City is an addictive high velocity racing game in which you speed across a vast music-reactive landscape, avoiding obstacles and trying to cover the most ground as possible in 105 seconds.

It’s a fantastic audio/visual experience as you rocket along the landscape in your Star Fox-style ship with an epic Matrix/Inception-esque soundtrack blasting.  In fact, at times it feels like you’re flying through an interactive graphic equaliser as all the onscreen obstacles react and pulse to the music.

It’s fun just to fly around, enjoying the music and squeezing through tight gaps, but your real objective is to cover as much ground in 105 seconds as possible, earning a coveted place on the online leaderboard – we’re currently 17th, but no doubt you can beat that!

Note:  Although you can boost with the spacebar, we’d recommend playing without it for the first few runs, as it’s a more enjoyable audio/visual experience.  Then when you want to go for a high score, start using the boost.

Check Out a Gameplay Video HERE

Download Velo-City HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)