Velvet Sundown – Open Beta (Steam)

Velvet Sundown

As we mentioned back in April, Velvet Sundown is an intriguing new type of role-playing game, where players don’t battle dragons or space zombies, they actually take on the role of the character.

You play the part of a guest on a luxury yacht, and have to interact with the other players to achieve your goals, without letting anyone else know what they are.  It’s an interesting game, and can be a fantastic experience or a terrible one depending on who you’re playing with, your companions onboard the yacht really do make or break the game.  It’s an interesting game that thrives on social interaction and creativity – if you play with the right people, it can be a hoot.

Download the Beta for free, through Steam HERE

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  1. Note: Do not go in spreading the good word of Andrew WK. These are not Party People, they do not Party Hard or live by the ways of the Party God. If you don’t want to have fun, just download this and not say a word because they’ll ban you for just about anything fun or funny. Bunch of Lemons.

    • Haha, that’s a shame, I guess some people just aren’t ready to accept Andrew WK as their Lord and Savior! :)

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