Venineth – Beta Download

Venineth is a beautiful explorative open world Sci-Fi physics-based puzzle platforming adventure where you pilot a Monkey Ball-esque ball through expansive planets, moons and alien megastructures.

In Venineth you control a large metallic ball as it rolls through a variety of alien landscapes containing mysterious alien technology and all linked together by large hub world. It’s a ball-rolling platforming adventure but it’s more focused on exploration and puzzle solving than Monkey Ball style precision.

The current Beta build of Venineth features two large worlds and the hub world and takes around 30 minutes to play through. The worlds are expansive and jaw droppingly beautiful – so much so that you could freeze any frame from a playthrough and it’d look like a work of art.

It’s quite a relaxing, Zen-like experience, exploring and discovering the secrets of Venineth’s beautiful alien landscapes. The world design is open, there are no timers and you’re not told to go in any specific directions (though it’s easy enough to figure out where you’re supposed to go). You explore the planets on your terms, taking in the sights, solving the occasional puzzle and pulling off the occasional feat of ball-rolling agility along the way. It makes for an epic Sci-Fi ball rolling adventure well worth taking for a spin.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Venineth Beta Here (Windows)