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Venti Mesi

Venti Mesi, a beautiful interactive narrative made for the Game Jolt Fest, has you exploring 20 stories  about the Itallian resistance and Liberation during World War II.

This powerful war story shows you twenty different stories (told across 20 months) based on actual World War II events in the Milan metropolitan area. All of these different stories contain different points of view on Italy’s history of democracy. Each story contains a family or individual handling the holocaust differently. You will meet many people, see many opinions, watch many fates, and endure parts of war.

Some of these people are smugglers, some in love with the wrong person, others looking just for the basic necessities, or looking for shelter, or loved ones. Some harboring what some would call enemies, others working to fight against enemies. Some of these people are just children, wondering what is going on and mistaking stars for bombs. No one is quite sure who is good or who is evil. In these 20 months you will respond to different people, make friends and lose loved ones, depending on what you choose. No one wins in war, that much is clear.

The choices you make, the time you take to choose them, the way you look at war all matters in this stylish and well constructed narrative.

Download Venti Mesi Here (Win & Mac)