VentureVerse – Alpha Demo

VentureVerse game

VentureVerse is essentially LittleBigPlanet for top down adventure games that allows players to build, play and share a wide array of diverse dungeons filled with enemies, loot and puzzles.

The current Alpha Demo build of VentureVerse doesn’t actually have any of the level editing functions enabled, but it does have a handful of levels that showcase the variety of levels that players will be able to build. Easily the best level at the moment is The Gauntlet, that sees you fighting enemies and solving a surprising amount of different types of puzzles as you make your way through a labyrinthine mechanical maze.

The combat feels a little fiddly at the moment, but that may be fixed once controller support is implemented. It’s not just top-down dungeon crawling that VentureVerse is capable of though, much like LittleBigPlanet, the limit are only the player’s imagination – as showcased by the Demo’s Disc Golf level, which actually allows you to play a full round of disc based mini-golf.

VentureVerse’s best asset, the level editor, may not be available in the Alpha Demo build, but the variety of gameplay in the showcase levels make it a very promising prospect indeed – a comprehensive adventure toolkit where you really will be the dungeon master.

Check Out VentureVerse on Greenlight Here

Download The VentureVerse Alpha Demo Build Here (Windows)