Veritas – Beta Demo

Veritas is a cleverly crafted point and click puzzle adventure where you attempt to escape from a strange research facility that you’ve been locked up in.

You start Veritas locked up in a small cell with little memory of how you got there. The last thing you remember was volunteering to take part in a study for a company called Veritas Industries, but since then it’s a blank and you really didn’t sign up to be treated like this! You must now search carefully for useful items and clues, figure out what’s going on and find some means of escape.

The demo build of Veritas features a sizeable chunk of gameplay and each area is packed full of detail and useful clues – often hidden in plain sight. You have a camera which really comes in handy for taking photos of important clues, which you can then call up later and even draw on to help piece together the mystery.

It’s a very impressive adventure with high quality artwork, an intriguing narrative and lots of varied and inventive puzzles that really test the grey matter. See if you can crack the puzzles and break out of this strange facility.

Download The Veritas Beta Demo Here (Steam)