Vermin God – Prototype Download

Vermin God is an SCP inspired body horror visual novel where a girl with a penchant for eating bugs wakes up in a strange research facility.

In Vermin God you follow the story of an eighteen year old girl who’s been infected with Vermin God Disease (also known as Anomaly 270). The disease is still being studied, but it seems to attract bugs and other vermin, and apparently it makes you quite attracted to them. You have no knowledge of this though, and after waking up on an operating table in a mysterious SCP facility, you begin to search around for answers…

The current build of Vermin God features the prologue of the game, which takes around 20 minutes to play through and features three different routes to the ending. There are a few grammar issues and it would be nice if the options icon wasn’t always visible in the top left of the screen, but other than that it’s an excellent game with great artwork and an interesting story. Vermin God Disease seems like a particularly gross ailment and it’s fascinating poking around the seemingly abandoned research facility. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download or Play The Vermin God Here (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & Browser)