Vernal Edge – Kickstarter Demo

Vernal Edge is a beautifully animated 2D action platforming metroidvania with a combat system that draws inspiration from Devil May Cry as you fight monsters in a kingdom in the clouds.

In Vernal Edge you take on the role of Vernal, a young woman who has travelled to a kingdom that floats in the sky to exact revenge on her long lost father. Along the way she teams up with an amnesiac cyborg with the brain of a scientist, who tries his best to keep her out of trouble. That won’t be easy through as the kingdom is now plagued by unexplained catastrophes and mysterious monsters, and there’s also someone else out looking for your father too…

Even in these early stages of development Vernal Edge really impresses with its beautiful pixel art animation and fluid platforming controls. At the moment it feels like your attacks are very underpowered but the game’s Devil May Cry inspired combat system does show promise, with the ability to juggle, fluidly move around the area and throw spells. Certainly one to watch.

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Download Vernal Edge Kickstarter Demo Here (Windows)

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  1. You might want to post a gameplay video for this. Your videos tend to get quite a few views, enough hopefully to help the Kickstarter even more, which is currently trudging along somewhat.

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