Vesper – Alpha Demo

Vesper is a beautiful Limbo-esque puzzle platforming adventure where a little android controls other robots as it makes its way through a fallen world filled with merciless machines.

In Vesper you take control of a little robot that has awakened in a world that’s ruled by deadly robots. You have no real weapons, but you do have a handy Drive Gun that can harvest energy from sources and then be used to activate equipment or even temporarily take control of the other robots (if you can get close enough to them without them killing you!)

The current build of Vesper takes around 20 minutes to play through and features a nice mixture of stealth, exploration and puzzle solving. It feels fondly reminiscent of Playdead’s Limbo, but with a dark Sci-Fi theme and the innovative Drive Gun mechanics. The world is a particularly fascinating place to explore – a stylish, but deadly environment filled with oppressive architecture, creepy machines and beautiful backdrops illuminating its silhouetted foreground. See if you can survive this mechanical nightmare.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Vesper Alpha Demo Here (Steam)