Vestige – Student Game

Vestige is a short and stylish little top-down twin-stick shooter that requires precision and conservation of ammo to survive in its black and white sketch styled arena.

Created by students of Game Design at ICAN, Paris, Vestige is a fast paced five minute twin-stick shooter set in a black and white sketch styled world. Your character has three unique abilities (Shield, Dash and Shoot) which you need to use to fight your way through three increasingly challenging waves of enemies. However, to use these abilities you need to collect the orbs that are scattered around the arena and dropped by enemies.

It’s a tricky little game with a nice variety of enemies to dispatch and a great visual style. The way you switch between different abilities takes an extra button press than you’d like in a fast paced twin-stick shooter so you generally end up just sticking with the shoot ability (which works pretty well anyway). It’s a fun take on the traditional twin-stick arena shooter where you can’t go in guns blazing. A fast, fun and stylish five minute twin-stick shooter where you have to make every shot count.

Important Note: The default controls are for an AZERTY keyboard, You need to change the key-bindings in the Unity launcher to use a QWERTY keyboard.

Download Vestige Here (Windows)