VHS, 1986 – Game Jam Build Download

VHS, 1986 is a creepy little PS1 styled horror game where you attempt to figure out a mystery surrounding a bunch of old VHS tapes that you shouldn’t be watching.

Created by Adam Pype (creator of the excellent No Players Online) for the Haunted PS1 Wretched Weekend game jam, VHS, 1986 is a creepy little puzzle game that revolves around a handful of VHS tapes that your friend gave you. The thing is that your friend gave you the wrong tapes, they belong to someone else and you shouldn’t be watching them. Can you piece together the mystery surrounding them before the owner gets them back?

There are no real big scares and the final reveal doesn’t really answer many questions, but it’s an interesting concept with a great sense of atmosphere and the main puzzle is cleverly constructed. A curious VHS mystery well worth delving into.

Note: There is an ARG element to VHS, 1986, which revolves around something you glimpse in the final tape. If you’d like to get to the bottom of the mystery you should read the pinned comment in this gameplay video.

Check Out a Gampelay Video Here

Download VHS, 1986 Here (Windows)