Vicious Circle – Open Beta

Vicious Circle is a comically brutal “uncooperative” asymmetric multiplayer shooter where a group of odd looking mercenaries compete for blood in an arena inhabited by a huge monster.

Currently in development by Rooster Teeth Games (creators of RWBY: Grimm Eclipse), Vicious Circle is a wonderfully over the top multiplayer arena shooter where one player takes control of a massive monster and the rest of the players take control of uniquely skilled mercenaries. The monster wouldn’t stand a chance if the mercenaries all worked together, but thankfully they aren’t working as a team – the winner is the one who collects the most loot, so matches are full of backstabbing and subterfuge.

Mercenaries can’t directly harm each other, but they can use a variety of dirty tactics to get one over on each other – such as locking a door to trap a player in with the monster or using a gadget to steal everyone’s loot. The skullduggery doesn’t end when a player dies either – killed mercenaries come back as “Lil’ Dippers” little monsters who can permanently take over a rival mercenary’s body, complete with all the loot they collected during the match!

It’s a fun game, with fast paced run n’ gun gameplay and backstabbing gameplay that offers a unique twist on the asymmetric multiplayer shooter. There’s no “I” in “team” but there is one in “Win”!

Download The Vicious Circle Open Beta Here (Steam)