Victory Heat Rally – Alpha Download

Victory Heat Rally is a very cool little retro styled sprite-based racing game inspired by Sega’s classic Super Scaler Arcade games.

Victory Heat Rally draws inspiration from Sega’s iconic Super Scaler engine, wich used three dimensional sprite scaling to give the illusion of 3D in a variety of classic arcade games from the mid 80-s to the mid 90’s – including OutRun, After Burner and Hang-On. It looks fantastic and gameplay-wise it plays like a classic arcade game too, with you resign up through a pack of cars and using drifts to help navigate tight corners.

The current build of Victory Heat Rally features three tracks, an arcade mode and a time trial mode. It takes a few races to master the art of drifting, but once you do then it’s a blast. The only slightly jarring aspect is at the moment is how your car can momentarily drive outwith the barriers at the side of the road before bouncing back in.

It’s still early in development but Victory Heat Rally is shaping up very nicely and brings back fond memories of those coin-op Sega arcade racing classics. A very stylish retro racer well worth taking for a spin.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Victory Heat Rally Alpha Here (Windows)

1 thought on “Victory Heat Rally – Alpha Download”

  1. This game is so awesome and well crafted! Really feels like a modernized F-Zero. <3 Every detail just seems perfect.

    I detected one minor issue considering german keyboard layout (where y and z are switched): Whereas I can change the controls for racing so that I can accelerate with y instead of z, I cannot do so for the menu, where I still have to use z. Would be nice if I could it change there, too, or could just use enter.

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