Victory Heat Rally – Beta Demo

Victory Heat Rally is a high speed retro arcade racer where you powerslide cute little chibi cars around twisty tracks.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer three years ago, Victory Heat Rally is a good old fashioned Sega Super Scaler style racing game. It draws inspiration from classics like OutRun and Sega Rally, and has a power-slide drive system similar to Mario Kart.

The new Victory Heat Rally demo features four tracks, three of which are circuits and one which is a point-to-point rally track complete with a Sega Rally style co-driver. It’s very much the OutRun style of driving where you keep your accelerator constantly pressed and powerslide around corners for maximum speed (and a big Mario Kart style speed boost).

It doesn’t take long to speed through the four tracks in the demo, but there’s plenty of replayability as you try to beat your times. It’s fast, fun and very addictive with vibrant arcadey visuals and a killer soundtrack. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Victory Heat Rally Gameplay Video Here

You Can Download The Old Demo Here (Steam)

Download the Victory Heat Rally Beta Demo Here (Windows)